Calgary Food Bank – February 2020

A big thank you to those who spent the afternoon filling food hampers at the Calgary Food Bank. Tetranex was proud to provide our time and a donation to an organization that does so much to support many people in need. Our group was able to put together 392 food hampers!

A wide range of people use the Calgary Food Bank services every day. It could be your neighbor, coworker or friend benefiting from the amazing work they do, and it wouldn’t be possible without all the hard-working volunteers.  Between September and August 2019 there were 98 080 hampers distributed. The Calgary Food Bank believes that good nutritious food should be available to everyone, which is why their food hampers meet the Canadian Food guide by containing 28% perishables, 20% grains, and 52% non-perishables.

Please visit to find out more information and discover how you can lend a helping hand.