Canadian Blood Services

CBS LogoAt some point in our lives, half of all Canadians will need blood or know of someone who will need blood from a donor.  However, only four percent of us donate.  In order to meet the current demand, the Canadian Blood Services needs 100,000 new donors a year.

The human body contains roughly five litres of blood, where a single unit of blood (donation size) is approximately 450 mL.  It can take up to 50 units to save an accident victim, or 8 units a week for an individual fighting illness.

Late last month, a team from Tetranex and SWAT Projects rolled up one sleeve to give, literally, to this very important cause.

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The Canadian Blood Services have set the goal to achieve 200,000 donations prior to July 1st.  Currently, an additional 70,000 units are required.  Please visit to book your appointment.