In Support of Fort McMurray

Disasters, as experienced in Fort McMurray earlier this month, are impossible to prepare for.  The speed at which the fire spread through the community, left people scrambling to grab whatever personal belongings they could, and evacuate, not knowing what they might be coming home to.  This fire has displaced thousands of residents, resulting in the largest mandatory evacuation this country has ever experienced, 88,000 residents.  The loss experienced is staggering, with an estimated 2,400 homes and structures destroyed.

The response from the Tetranex team has been overwhelming in providing support through donations to the Canadian Red Cross.  With the long established internal Tetranex donation matching program, combined with provincial and federal Red Cross matching programs, the impact of each employee’s donation will reach more of the affected in this disaster.

To find more information on what you can do to support this cause, please contact the Canadian Red Cross (