Operations Data Management

Gathering and analysing field, or facility data is a requirement for multiple departments within an organization.  Departments are typically interested in different data for different reasons.  For example, the VP of Operations needs to know the overall production, the Compliance group is concerned with data for regulatory processes, and the Maintenance team uses data for predictive asset management.  Whatever the requirement calls for, the data needs to be accurate and accessible to facilitate timely decisions, reduce cost and ultimately increase profitability.

Network ModelTetranex Solutions Inc. Operations Data Management is an effective solution for reporting field and facility data to all levels of an organization.  Data reporting can be custom tailored to each departments needs and equip them with the correct information to take the appropriate action at the right time.

Some key advantages of the Tetranex Field Operations Data Management solution:

Reduce the number of data touch points.  Eliminate hand extrapolation and interpolation calculations.  Work with real data direct from the facility.

Dashboard development – what is important to the user based on the process (oil and gas, production facilities, manufacturing etc.) and based on the department.

Data is at your fingertips in real time, knowing what your production is prior to waiting for operations reports, or monitoring equipment before an upset condition.

As your facility grows, with new phases brought on-line, or personnel added to field operations, scalability is critical in the design.

Robust and secure isolation between the corporate and control networks provides safe and reliable data directly from the process to the stakeholder.

Our solution provides the consolidation of data from multiple production data sources into a unified and comprehensive view of the entire facility. Combine process, lab, maintenance, EH&S data within a single reporting infrastructure.

ODM Dashboard 1

ODM Dashboard 2

Time is money.  Having real time access to accurate field level data will allow the right people to make proactive decisions.

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