Tetranex is a Certified VTScada System Integrator

Trihedral VTScada

Tetranex Solutions is excited to announce that we have recently become a Certified System Integrator for the Trihedral VTScada platform.

Our Certified System Integrator status provides us with access to VTScada integrator licenses, training and support and is our best way of ensuring our VTScada development and installations align with the design intent and strategies of the vendor.

VTScada is an incredibly scalable HMI/SCADA platform that offers many advanced features even in the smallest of installations.  This includes advanced polling management, historian integration, trends, report generation, application version control, alarm management and notification as well as system backups.  These components are tightly integrated with the system and their unique server architecture provides load-balancing and hot fail-over with little to no extra configuration.

Tetranex will continue to work closely with Trihedral and BettsM Controls, our local VTScada distributor, to maintain the highest level of competency on the VTScada platform as it continues to evolve.

About Tetranex Solutions:

Tetranex Solutions Inc. is a Calgary-based company dedicated to the delivery of high quality industrial automation, electrical and instrumentation solutions and services to our clients. As a privately held company, our team understands the importance of forming and maintaining great relationships with our customers by delivering outstanding products and services.

About Trihedral:

For 30 years, the Trihedral team has been creating and refining Trihedral’s only software product.  VTScada software is an instantly intuitive all-in-one HMI and SCADA package for applications of any size in a wide variety of SCADA industries.  In 2015, the VTScada Development team won Control Engineering Magazine’s Engineer’s Choice Award in the HMI software category.