Tetranex launches Digital Infrastructure discipline

di_blog_picTetranex is excited to announce the launch of our new Digital Infrastructure discipline.  The term “Digital Infrastructure” is intended to bridge nomenclature like “Operational Technology” (OT), which is becoming familiar to traditional corporate Information Technology (IT) teams and terms like “Industrial IT” which is familiar to personnel involved with Industrial Control Systems (ICS).  With wider adoption, IP based Ethernet communications has been penetrating further into the ICS world.  We have already seen proprietary communications architectures and busses replaced with standard Ethernet equipment and connectivity.  Now ICS vendors are reacting quickly in response to the market demand for the “Internet of Things” (IoT) which could ultimately push IP based Ethernet all the way down to traditional hard-wired instrumentation.  Following this demand for more accessible data comes stringent and more advanced requirements around cyber security and network performance.

Tetranex recognizes that the OT infrastructure associated with Industrial Control Systems now requires a high level of IT skills mixed with a heightened awareness of the unique demands and requirements related to control system hardware and software.  To meet these demands, Tetranex has several individuals specifically trained in industrial networking and virtualization and we have Cisco Certified Industrial Networking Specialists on staff.

Our innovative Digital Infrastructure discipline is trained and certified to handle your network, systems, virtualization and security.  In addition to this training and certification, Tetranex has partnered with Cisco and VMware to offer our clients a complete solution across their Operational Technology.

Please check out our Digital Infrastructure service page for more details.