Veterans Food Bank

The Veterans Food Bank is a service to help many of our Canadian veterans who are living in poverty and struggle with the basic necessities in food, clothing and shelter. The shelves of the Veterans Food Bank are typically stocked annually through the Veterans Food Drive which is facilitated through the Canadian Legacy Project. As with many charities this year, the demand has been up and the donations have been down. After this dire news received media attention, the outpouring of support from the community helped to pick up the slack.

img_20161130_094848The staff at Tetranex participated in the Veterans Food Drive this year with food and cash donations and then followed it up with volunteering at the Veterans Food Bank to help with sort donations and assemble hampers for the holiday season. It was a fantastic day of team building and helps us appreciate the behind the scenes efforts that go along with the Veterans Food Drive. The staff at the warehouse said that this year’s response was truly overwhelming and they have had to add three additional warehouse locations to accommodate the donations.

img_20161130_092655A huge thank you goes out to our team for the donations and the volunteer efforts! We would also like to pass on a shout out to all of our clients and industry peers who stepped up and donated to this year’s Veterans Food Drive. Let’s keep it up through next year and keep the Veterans Food Bank in mind if you’re looking for opportunities to volunteer for a great cause.